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Integrate your church's YouTube videos directly into your Squarespace site with ease.

Jackson Prowell

Jackson Prowell

Faith Forward tech news from our resident nerd.

2024-04-08 2 minute read

The Squarespace logo and the Faith Forward logo side by side
![A Faith Forward video feed embedded directly into a Squarespace site](https://storage.googleapis.com/faith-forward-media/video_feed_final_ac0e9723ac/video_feed_final_ac0e9723ac.png) <br /> <br /> We at Faith Forward are thrilled to introduce a major upgrade to our existing Video feature suite —a direct and effortless way to embed your church's entire video feed onto your Squarespace site. This new capability bridges the gap between your YouTube content and church website, allowing for a seamless search and viewing experience directly from your homepage. ![View of the "integrations" tab on the Faith Forward Admin site. Displays a guide on embedding your video feed into Squarespace](https://storage.googleapis.com/faith-forward-media/squarespace_admin_site_17ad8072d7/squarespace_admin_site_17ad8072d7.png) ## Step-by-Step Integration Guide **Copy Your Custom Embed Code from Faith Forward** - [Sign into your Faith Forward admin account](https://admin.faithforward.app/login) and navigate to the “Integrations” tab. - Under the section titled "Squarespace", you'll see a box with an iframe code—this is the magic that will sync your video feed to your site. Click to copy this code to your clipboard. ![Creating a new page on Squarespace](https://storage.googleapis.com/faith-forward-media/squarespace_new_page_b025db6262/squarespace_new_page_b025db6262.png) **Prepare Your Video Page on Squarespace** - Open up your website dashboard and navigate to "Pages". - Click the "**+**" icon to add a new page. This will be the home for your video feed. Be sure to choose a blank page to let your videos take center stage. ![A new embed block on Squarespace, pointed at a Faith Forward video feed](https://storage.googleapis.com/faith-forward-media/squarespace_embed_block_d2b0e1c94d/squarespace_embed_block_d2b0e1c94d.png) **Embedding the Video Feed on Your Squarespace Page** - Back in your Squarespace tab, add an [Embed Block](https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/206543617-Embed-blocks) as a new page section. - Switch the Embed Block from "Link" to "Code Snippet". - Paste in your Faith Forward embed code from earlier, and voilà! **Customization for a Unified Look** - Modify the page layout so that the Embed Block is right where you want. - Use Squarespace's preview feature to test how the videos display on various devices, making adjustments as necessary for optimal viewing. **Going Live with Your Video Feed** - Once you're satisfied with the layout and style, hit "Publish" to share your video feed with your congregation and the world. - Consider announcing this new feature to your community through a newsletter or a special announcement video. ## Ready to Embed but Have Questions? If you encounter any hurdles or have questions, please [contact our dedicated Faith Forward support team](https://www.faithforward.app/contact). We're here to ensure a smooth integration process. ## Your Feedback Matters After implementing the video feed, we welcome your feedback. Your experience informs our ongoing efforts to improve our services. Please reach out to us with your insights or suggestions.